Our Team

Dusty Walding, Owner/Operator

Dusty Walding, the “DW” in D.W. Pest Control Inc., has been a resident of Alachua County since 1976. He completed his high school education at Santa Fe High School, and went on to receive an Associates of Arts degree from Santa Fe Community College. Dusty has worked in all capacities of the pest control field since 1995. He is certified by the state of Florida for control of general household, lawn/ornamental pests, and termites.

Amy Walding, Office Manager

Amy Walding, wife of Dusty, relocated from Southwest Florida to Alachua County in 1998 to attend the University of Florida where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences in 2001. She has been an active member of the D.W. Pest Control Inc. Team since 2006. Amy received her certification from the state of Florida for General Household Pest Control in 2011. In addition to managing the office, Amy assists with termite pre and post treatments as needed.

Brooke Walding

Brooke is the oldest daughter of Dusty and Amy. She is in the Class of 2022 at Santa Fe High School and is active in the FFA Program. Brooke is the Secretary and she is in charge of scheduling appointments, billing, receptionist, customer follow up. She applies principles of integrated pest management for residential use. Assisting with pre-treatments for new construction and provides clients with general household pest control for interior and exterior pests.

Chloe Walding

Chloe is the youngest daughter of Dusty and Amy. She is in the Class of 2025 at Santa Fe High School and is active in the FFA Program and school volleyball. When able Chloe prefers to work outside of the office going to all different types of jobs.

Colton Tyner, GHP/Termite Technician

Colton Tyner grew up in the High Springs/Newberry area. He began his pest control career with us in January 2016. He has completed courses through University of Florida as well as training with Dusty. He plans to become certified in the GHP category very soon. Colton runs a GHP route as well as Inspections for Termite Renewals and Treatments.