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Any pest problem you have, Dusty and crew will take care of it……. Satisfaction guaranteed! – Donna R.

One year ago we began noticing roaches in our new home. Despite my husband’s attempts to exterminate, they wouldn’t go away. We also had a fair number of spiders overtaking our patio and along our roof. Living on a wooded property, insects are common place. I noticed DW Pest Control truck at a neighbors home and called. They responded immediately and John visited us the following day. I was surprised and delighted at their responsiveness. John took my husband and I on a “tour” of our home and pointed out all sorts of bugs, identifying species, good spiders/bad spiders, etc. We felt like we were on a natural history museum tour and learned a great deal. John then swept all the cobwebs from our roofline, sprayed the roof and along the perimeter of our house as well as inside. From that day forward, all of our spiders wisely nest in the trees vs. near our house and we have only had one other incident of roaches, but John came out and set bait traps and we haven’t had them since. We have a quarterly service contract with DW Pest Control and we feel as if we are the only client they have. We are always treated with immediacy to any phone call or inquiry and we honestly enjoy John’s visits and his eagerness to help us keep a clean and bug-free home. They are experts! – Josh C.